My vision for Hillsborough County transportation – Part 1

There’s been a lot of talk about what should be included in Hillsborough County’s transportation plan should a referendum be placed onto the 2016 ballot. Although there are many things that I would love to see on the plan, I realize that many components just won’t be able to happen given the current state of the economy and the huge anti-tax sentiment that still looms over many voters. This however should not stop our leaders from coming up with a comprehensive plan that can win the hearts and minds of supporters, the opposition, and the undecideds.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to briefly outline what I would like to see in the county’s plan. Please keep in mind that this first list is a bare-bones minimum, meaning that this is what I see that the plan MUST include regardless of things like a new light rail line to the airport.

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Downtown Norfolk, VA Transit Center to temporarily relocate

Post Updated on 1/19/15.

ATTENTION HAMPTON ROADS TRANSIT (HRT) CUSTOMERS: If you transfer out of downtown Norfolk, then you’ll want to pay close attention to what will be happening towards the end of this month. On Monday, January 26, 2015, all stops at the makeshift Downtown Norfolk Transit Center will move one block over to the west due to construction activities at the site. This temporary relocation will be in effect until further notice. Please see the map below for details.

NOTE: Map has been revised by HRT.

Credit: Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).
Credit: Hampton Roads Transit (HRT).

As indicated in RED, all stops at the current makeshift terminal at Wood St will temporarily move to E Charlotte St and Montecello Ave. Most local routes will board and de-board in the BLUE area along E Charlotte St. Local Route 2 and Express Routes 960 and 961 will board and de-board in the GREEN area along Monticello Ave. The BLACK area indicated on the map is a staging area for buses, and customers SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO BOARD A BUS FROM THIS LOCATION. Please keep in mind that these changes may adversely impact your transfer to adjoining bus routes, as well as The Tide Light Rail Line nearby, so please be sure to plan accordingly.

Any questions or concerns about these changes should be directed to HRT.

MLK 2015 Holiday Transit Schedule

Monday, January 19, 2015 is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, where we take a moment to celebrate the life and achievements of the famed Civil Rights leader. Unlike most Federal holidays, where transit services are typically limited to weekend-level services, most transit districts tend to operate on a typical weekday schedule on MLK Day. Some districts however may operate on a Saturday schedule.

In the Tampa Bay Area, PSTA, MCAT, and SCAT will operate on a normal weekday schedule, as well as various trolleybus routes, and the TECOline Streetcar. HART bus services will operate on a Saturday schedule (no Express, MetroRapid, FLEX – except the Northdale route, and trolleybus). Transit services in Polk, Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus will not operate.

In the Orlando area; LYNX will operate a normal weekday schedule, but Routes (Links) 416 and 427 will not operate. SunRail will also not operate.

In the Hampton Roads Area, the HRT bus system will operate on a Saturday schedule. However, LRT and Ferry services will operate on a normal weekday schedule.

If you have any questions regarding holiday transit services, please contact your respective transit district for details. Customer service centers will be open normal hours (unless otherwise specified by the transit district). Customer service centers will be closed in districts that do not operate services on MLK Day.

In Tampa, HART customer service centers at the UATC and Marion/Downtown will be open from 7:00am until 5:00pm. HART at City Hall will be closed. The HART InfoLine will be available between 8:00am until 5:00pm.

In Norfolk and Hampton, VA, HRT customer service centers will be staffed from 9:00am until 4:00pm. The Silverleaf customer service center will be closed.