Special Notices – Impostor accounts on social media & other related topics.

Post was last updated on 09/09/2019.
Original post was published on 06/06/2014.

This post is dedicated to discussing a very serious matter revolving around social media – particularly, the rise in fake/impostor accounts.

Seeing fake/impostor accounts on social media is nothing new, but such can inflict major damage to a person’s or business’ reputation & as such, dealing with this matter has to be taken very seriously.

Back in 2014, at the height of the failed Greenlight Pinellas transit sales tax referendum campaign, a group of individuals thought they would be clever enough to create several impostor accounts – including an impostor page attempting to imitate my own Facebook page. This situation was dealt with appropriately & after a thorough review by Facebook, the impostor page & several accompanying fake accounts by these individuals were all deleted.

Now, I have no problem with seeing an occaisonal parody video, page, or profile that is aimed at poking fun at someone or something. However, when it comes to such trying to detrimentally damage someone’s reputation, that is going way too far!

Below, is the wording of the original post.

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