Why 2014 needs to be the year of transit improvements for Tampa Bay

As Pinellas County gears up for its 2014 transit referendum, neighboring Hillsborough County is still debating as to whether or not they hold a transit referendum vote during the same year, or delay it until 2015 or 2016. With efforts in Pinellas now kicking into high gear, we must make it clear to our elected officials in Hillsborough that 2014, MUST be the year of a regional vote for transit improvements for the Tampa Bay area! Without Hillsborough County being onboard, I strongly fear that the Pinellas vote has a much greater chance at failing should economic conditions change. Plus, if Hillsborough further delays its own vote, elected official may miss out on a crucial opportunity to round in new businesses that are attracted to cities with efficient transit systems. Besides, Hillsborough and Pinellas have worked together on many initiatives before, why should the issue of transit be any different?

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