May Friday Rewind – HART MetroRapid

Friday Rewind New 1

In this edition of Friday Rewind, I’ll be taking a look back at some of my past postings regarding HART MetroRapid. And the timing of this post could not be anymore perfect, as the new service just launched earlier this week! Notice the new Friday Rewind logo? This is the logo that I’ll be using for quite a while. The old logo just didn’t have that “kick” to it.

I first began blogging about HART MetroRapid long before the new line even had a name. My first post was back in November of 2008, only a few months after my original Tampa Transit Utopia Blog was launched. During this time, HART had just launched its Project Development and Environment (or PD&E) Study to evaluate potential stops, costs of operating the system, etc. During the planning stages, there was a lot of public input going into shaping MetroRapid, including the selection of the Nebraska Ave corridor as the first phase, as Nebraska Ave is HART’s busiest bus corridor. Ideally, HART would have liked to have a true BRT line, which uses dedicated bus-only lanes to speed buses past rush hour traffic. However, as the plan evolved from its earliest stages, this idealistic vision would not come to fruition, at least for now.

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