March = Spring cleaning

Besides the opening of station Mairie de Montrouge on Line 4; this month will be filled with some cleanup tasks for my site.

As you may already have noticed, the upper navigation bar has been simplified. This was done because I changed some of the page names to make things more simple. For instance, the “About Us” page is now simply called “About“. I’ve also cleaned up the “About” page, and have spruced up the “Welcome” page. In the coming weeks, I will be working on revising older posts and cleaning up category lists. Some of my older posts no longer have working links, so I need to make sure that those types of issues are resolved as well.

I will also be laying out the foundation for my New York City and Norfolk pages, and evaluating my Tampa site to see how I can best carry out the content migration.

More to come soon!

HARTride 2012.