Revised Grand Paris Express plan unveils a possible Phase 2 extension for Metro Line 11

Greetings everyone!

I have some late-breaking news regarding Line 11 of the Paris Metro!

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned about the upcoming project to extend Line 11 from its current terminus at station Mairie des Lillias to Rosny Bois-Perrier. Now, there is word of a 2nd phase extension that would run from Rosny Bois-Perrier to Noisy-Champs, where it will connect to the RER Line A and be partially integrated into the proposed Grand Paris Express system.

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HART introduces real-time transit updates! (beta mode)

Yes, I’m late on this one…but better late than never.

During the month of February; HART rolled out the beta version of its new real-time bus tracker. The software used by HART is OneBusAway, which is the same open-source GTFS software the the New York City MTA uses for its “BusTime” and “TrainTime” interfaces. I want to stress that because the application is still in beta mode, it is only accessible to those whom HART has handpicked to test out the service. There is no word as of yet when the final version will be released.

As you may know already; PSTA rolled out its own real-time bus tracker during the course of 2012. However, they use a different software program than HART does. Nonetheless, the use of these open-source software programs open a new avenue of opportunities for transit districts to provide transit scheduling information to passengers in real-time. These programs allow passengers to not only view schedules, but also track the status of their next bus. If the bus is delayed by more than 5 minutes, a notification will appear in the database letting passengers know that the bus is behind schedule.

If you would like to know how PSTA’s Real-Time program works, click here to visit their website. The same interface is used by the Chicago CTA.

If you would like to learn more about how HART’s application will work, click here to visit the NYCMTA website and look for the section that reads “MTA Travel Time”.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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