Air Base Mayhem FanFiction Story – Part 1

Hi everyone!

As I’ve mentioned through my Projects page, I am working on a few fanfiction stories in the FanFiction.Net website. One of those stories revolves around one of my favorite Nintendo 64 video games, Perfect Dark. This story, titled Air Base Mayhem, describes the lives of several staff members who work in the air base facility that is depicted in the game as one of Joanna Dark’s missions. The first part of the story is like a soap opera, depicting the everyday lives of each of the staff members. I hope to be able to complete the first part sometime towards the end of 2013, and then begin the second part, which will go through what happens to each of the staff members when Joanna shuts down the base’s security system (which is an objective in the actual mission). Some characters will eventually be killed off, but I will not say right now which ones will remain through the end of the series.

For now, I have rewritten Chapter 1 and am currently working on Chapter 2. I do appreciate any and all comments in regards to this story, but please…no flaming. Any comments that I see as inappropriate will be flagged for removal immediately.

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HARTride 2012