Tampa Bay Fantasy Rail System – Part 1

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned earlier this month, I will be posting some things about a fantasy rail system that I started working on for the Tampa area during the course of 2010.

At the time that I began working on this fantasy system, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit was promoting a one cent sales tax increase for Hillsborough County to help fund road construction and transit improvements. The plan was very ambitious and included several light rail and bus rapid transit lines. However, the plan left many questions to be answered, thus confusing a lot of voters. On top of that, the economy was still in a very bad state and many anti-tax conservatives were lumping the sales tax hike with President Obama’s high speed rail plan. All of the massive confusion led to a massive defeat of the sales tax. After the defeat of the sales tax referendum, Governor Rick Scott pulled the plug on Florida’s high speed rail plan. With much of Tampa’s transit ambitions dashed, I halted all work on my fantasy rail system until a later time.

Fast forward to 2013: Pinellas County is gearing up for their own transit expansion plan and the chatter about rail has restarted, being led this time by the grassroots efforts of Connect Tampa Bay. Therefore, I have decided to go ahead and restart my fantasy rail system project for the Tampa area.

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