On a brief hiatus until mid-September

Just a brief update.

So far, so good, HART & PSTA have not reported any major problems with transit services during the course of the RNC!

With the festivities winding down tomorrow (Friday), I will be taking a break from all website/blog activities for the next couple weeks. The main reason for this is to focus on other matters while my computer remains in the service center for repairs.

When things become less chaotic for me, I will be returning with my regular (planned) posting schedule. I hope to be back around mid-September, but it could be delayed further if work on my computer is delayed.


I apologize for any inconvenience.

Warmest Regards,

HARTride 2012


For those of you who may not completely understand the scope of the delays, I want to re-iterate that this is a hobby site. So things will be delayed from time to time due to personal circumstances such as this. I truly hope that all will understand this. Thank you.

Watching Issac…

Hi everyone,

The RNC is just days away. Unfortunately, we now have a significant hurricane threat on our hands.

Tropical Storm Issac formed in the Atlantic roughly a week ago and the projected path sends the storm right into Florida during the week of the RNC. Not far behind Issac is Tropical Storm Joyce, which formed a few days ago. The big question right now is whether the Issac will strengthen into a hurricane by this weekend. It is quite possible that it will reach at least Category 1 status by Saturday, depending on its track and how much wind sheer (if any) it encounters. The second question is where will the storm make landfall?

Government officials here in Tampa are prepared to cancel the RNC if the threat from Issac becomes too great, which I certainly cannot blame them if this circumstance occurs. There are so many visitors, in addition to residents, that would need to be evacuated…and FAST, if the storm were to move our way.

Because the weather changes so much, I would advise everyone to stay tuned to their local TV stations (like Bay News 9) for updates.

With that said, I wanted to remind everyone about how important it is to be prepared for the Hurricane season and to inform everyone that you do have options if you are not able to evacuate from the Bay Area.

Click “Continue Reading” to read further on my previous posting about the 2012 Hurricane Season.

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RNC Roundup

Hi Everyone,

Despite my computer troubles, I was determined to get at least one post up this week. With the Republican National Convention just days away; you may have noticed many of the temporary venues going up in downtown Tampa. At this point; many municipal government offices in downtown Tampa are beginning to pack their bags and move to satellite locations, where they can continue offering services while being away from the security perimeter that is being set up around the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the event will be held. Both HART and PSTA have finalized (for the most part) which transit services will be detoured during the week-long event. You can view the link below to see more information regarding the various road closures and transit detours during the convention.

I must stress once again that if you don’t need to be in downtown Tampa or downtown St. Pete when the many events are in motion; please avoid the areas altogether. Though St. Pete will be in the midst of the opening celebrations at Tropicana Field, an event zone has been set up throughout the city for the duration of the convention, so many streets in the area may remain closed for the entire week. However; if you do plan to be in the area; please be mindful of the heightened security presence and tons and tons of protesters. I certainly don’t want to see anyone hurt because the rules were not followed. With that said; I wish everyone a safe and wonderful rest of the month! I will be slow to post my other posts due to limited internet access, etc. for the next few weeks.

For a summary of the latest transit detours and road closures; click here.


Warmest Regards;

HARTride 2012

No new posts until further notice

Hi everyone,

I was planning on making a post today regarding the transit situation during the RNC. Unfortunately, my computer decided to crash on me today. So unfortunately, my activities will be very limited. I will not be able to post anything on my blog until further notice, and my Twitter and Facebook updates will be very limited. I apologize for any inconvenience.

HARTride 2012

HART Roundup for August 7, 2012

Greetings everyone,

After celebrating my graduation from the University of South Florida over the weekend; I am pleased to bring you my next transit posting. Besides the ongoing preparation for the upcoming Republican National Convention at the end of August, HART has been finalizing which service changes to make for the upcoming evaluation cycle in November, and whether to increase fares. After many public hearings and input, the decision has been made. I will tell you in just a moment what exactly will be occurring in November.

Before I go into detail regarding the upcoming service and fare changes; I want to report that HART’s Bus Rapid Transit project; known as MetroRapid broke ground on Monday, August 6, 2012. The project is aimed at alleviating congestion along Nebraska Ave, which is HART’s busiest bus corridor. Nowadays, many buses along Route 2 run at full capacity, which means people have to sometimes wait for the next bus because the one they try to board is too full. The new system will allow sleek, modern buses (including the possibility of articulated buses) to run at specific intervals and between specifically spaced stations. Transit Signal Prioritization will also be utilized along the corridor, which allows green lights to be lengthened (and red lights shortened) at intersections.

The first phase of MetroRapid, which will travel along Nebraska and Fletcher Avenues, is slated to become operational by Summer, 2013. For more information about MetroRapid, click here.

Now, let’s take a look at what HART decided to do for November…

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