Themed Posts

This will be my last post for a little while, as I must continue preparing for my final exam. However, I will devote this post to what I have coming up once my class is finished. I think you will like some of the themed blog posts that I will be posting throughout the year.

The following segments will be done on a monthly basis:

  • Transit Tip of the Month: Each month, I will provide a helpful transit-related tip to help you get on your way when using public transit. Previously, I was posting these tips on my websites; but I will begin posting them here on the blog in August as well.
  • Friday Rewind: As mentioned before, I will take a look back at one of my previous blog postings and follow-up on the status of the topic that I posted about. You can see the Friday Rewind posts on the last Friday of each month.
  • Holiday Services: For most major holidays, transit agencies tend to alter their schedules due to lower than normal ridership. I will have the scoop as to which agencies are running service and which ones aren’t. I will try to have each post up within 2 weeks of the holiday.
  • Monthly Polls: The monthly polls will make a comeback as well. They will focus on a variety of issues surrounding public transit.

We then have segments that will be posted every 2 months (bi-monthly):

  • Transit Focus: This bi-monthly posting will focus on topics that affect nearly all transit agencies worldwide. These topics will include how transit agencies deal with fare evasion, security and safety issues, proposing service changes, and more.
  • Transit Staycations: This bi-monthly posting will focus on different landmarks and tourist destinations throughout my coverage areas (we’ll begin with Tampa Bay and expand from there) and how you can get to these places using public transit.

Then we have quarterly segments like these:

  • The Newsletter Edition: As promised, I will be coming out with a quarterly newsletter that focuses on topics that I don’t normally cover in my blog posts. Each newsletter will consist of three to five “in-depth” stories. I am not sure when the first newsletter will be ready, but when it does become available, I will also have a file attached to each posting for you to download.
  • Quarter in Review: Each quarter, following the newsletter, I will have a summary of transit related stories that have hit the headlines in the past few months.

Finally, we have the Year in Review & other special themed sections that will be posted occasionally: From time to time, I will also post other special themed topics, such as the Year in Review segment.

So what else is to come? Continue reading this post, and you will find out…

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