July 4, 2012 Holiday Transit Services

I would like to wish everyone a safe and wonderful July 4th week. Because July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, some of you may end up taking the entire week off to spend time with friends and family.

If you plan to use public transit to get around on Wednesday, July 4th; HART & PSTA will be operating on a holiday schedule. Please see the bullet points below for the full scoop.

  • Normal Weekday Services
    • TECOline Streetcar (service hours will extend to 11pm to accommodate the fireworks celebration at Channelside Bay Plaza)
    • St. Pete Looper Trolley
    • Clearwater Jolley Trolley
    • MCAT Beach Express
    • Anna Maria Trolley
  • Saturday-Level Services
    • HART Local Bus
    • HARTflex Northdale & Brandon
    • HARTPlus Paratransit
  • Sunday-Level Services
    • PSTA Local Bus
    • Central Ave Trolley
  • No Service at all
    • HART Express/Limited Express Bus
    • HARTflex South Tampa, SouthShore, and Town-N-Country
    • PSTA Express Bus
    • PCPT Transit Services (Pasco)
    • THEbus Transit Services (Hernando)
    • MCAT Transit Services (Manatee)
    • SCAT Transit Services (Sarasota)
    • Longboat Key Trolley

See something I missed or have incorrect? Please use the contact form to let me know!

Warmest Regards,

HARTride 2012

Summer, 2012 service/timepoint adjustments for selected HART bus routes

Summer is definitely in full swing, and that means that HART is ready to roll out its list of service/timepoint adjustments for its summer service re-evaluation.

HART re-evaluates its services three times per year to make sure everything is running smoothly. The most sweeping changes are generally made during the fall cycle in November, with moderate changes made in the spring cycle in March, and minor adjustments made during the summer cycle in July. Now this is not always the case, but this is the general trend that I’ve seen since 2007.

Most of the changes being made for the Summer, 2012 cycle, which takes effect Sunday, July 8, 2012, are relatively minor timepoint changes in order to improve running times on routes that tend to lag behind (like Route 30 for instance), as well as improve one route’s connections with other routes.

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