Friday Rewind – Route 19 Late-Night Service

Friday Rewind

I am going to begin a segment called Friday Rewind, where I take a look back at a previous blog post. If anything has changed on the post’s subject, then I will note what has changed since my last posting. My follow-up post on HART bus route 39 actually gave me an idea to go forth with this segment, and why not? It has been nearly five years (yes, five years) since I first began this blog (wow, time goes fast!) and what better way to lead up to the 5 year anniversary than to take a look back and see what has changed since the last post.

I will be doing my Friday Rewind segments on the fourth Friday of each month, so be sure to check back for future posts.

So for my inaugural Friday Rewind post, I will be taking a look back at my post regarding HART’s addition of late-night (or OWL) service to Route 19, which connects downtown Tampa to South Tampa, where I live. Below is a copy of the original post from September 15, 2008.

The other night, I rode the Route 19 from Britton Plaza to almost Port Tampa. I must say, that even for the 10:00 hour, ridership was fairly modest. Seven people onboard (myself included) to be exact. I’m willing to bet that when the bus made its rounds from downtown to Tampa General Hospital, the amount of riders probably exceeded 10. all in all, this is good though. It is this late-night service that has people hopping onboard buses instead of bugging friends and family or scrambling for a taxi. I do hope that other busy routes could utilize better evening service in the future.

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Paris Metro Update for Summer, 2012

Back in 2009, I embarked on a week-long trip to Belgium & France. During my stay in Paris, I became fascinated with the city’s subway system. The system, unlike many here in the US, operates rubber-tyred subway trains. That’s right, the trains run on rubber tires (although each outside tire is reinforced by a steel wheel on the inner axle to allow the train to run if a tire goes flat). One such example is pictured below.

MP 89CC stock train
MP 89CC stock train at Bastille Station – Line 1 – Paris Metro

Pictured here is the MP 89CC rubber-tyred subway train. For those of you who may not be familiar with the naming conventions that the Parisian transit authority (the RATP) uses for their subway fleet, I have a brief description in the next paragraph. Notice in the photo that the train is equipped with rubber tires on the outside of each axle. Behind the tires is a steel wheel, which again helps keep the train on track if a tire goes flat. One of the reasons why the RATP and many other transit agencies use rubber tyred subway trains is because they tend to have a much better grip to the tracks than the traditional steel wheeled trains. This is especially the case on lines where there are steep grades because traditional trains tend to have a harder time braking. The rubber tyred trains on the other hand can stop in a similar nature to that of a car or bus.

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