New bus route & transit center coming to Citrus County

It is not common right now for me to report on a transit happening in our northern counties (Pasco, Hernando, or Citrus). However, there was a story on Bay News 9 today that prompted me to make this post.

Now despite the three counties mentioned above being much more rural than Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, all three of them have their own public transit systems. Pasco County operates PCPT or Pasco County Public Transportation, Hernando County runs the Hernando Express Bus or THEbus, and in Citrus County, they operate Citrus County Transportation Services.

Going into Citrus County, the public transit district is very small because the county is largely rural and only encompasses a few small municipalities. However, getting those who may not have their own transportation from point A to point B is crucial. So the county operates a flex van service, similar to HARTflex in Tampa, and one fixed-route bus service called the “Orange Line”.

Today’s news story discusses about plans to add a second fixed bus route by October, as well as construction of a new transit center that should be finished by year’s end. Both of these improvements will provide Citrus County residents with more transit options, even though funding is becoming more and more scarce.

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Fall service changes for HART

Currently in Hillsborough County, the big transit news is HART’s proposed service revisions for Fall, 2012. Now, HART usually makes 3 service revisions per year: March, July, and November. November however seems to be when the most significant revisions are proposed, including any changes to the fare structure.

The last time HART had to increase fares was in November 2007, a move that was largely unpopular at first. However, patrons realized that in order for HART to continue sustained service with plummeting property tax revenues, that a fare increase was necessary. Additionally, many of HART’s routes had to be revamped to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Fast forward to 2012 and we see a much dire predicament, where ridership has hit all-time highs, but local, state, and federal funding have been slashed across the board. As a result, HART and many other transit agencies across the nation have had to cut back services.

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Almost There!

R-160A subway train
The R-160A subway train in New York City.

Today marks the halfway point in my final summer semester at the University of South Florida, where I am studying Marketing. When my final class concludes on July 19, 2012, I will have a lot more time to put into my websites. For those of you who have followed me for a while, I sincerely apologize for all of the delays. School and work have just gotten so chaotic that I’ve had to put many things on the backburner, including closing my sites for the entire summer – something I hadn’t initially planned on.

The photo above is that of the R-160A stock train on the New York City Subway. It is my favorite NYC Subway train because of its sleek, modern look. The train is manufactured by Alstom, which happened to build my other favorite subway train, the MP 89 of the Paris Subway.

Why did I use this picture as part of this post? Because I plan to build up my page on the NYC Subway as soon as my classes are done. I hope to launch the full site by September.