Perspectives on some of the route changes

HART has not yet posted its new service schedules online, but printed brochures for all routes have been distributed. If you are a frequent HART commuter, you will need to pay attention to this post. Below are some of the routes mentioned that are seeing changes.

Route 2 – Nebraska Avenue: Touted as Tampa Bay’s only bus route that is as close to what many say is the “Golden Rule” of public transit, meaning that the frequency of service is so high, that one does not need a schedule to know when the next bus is going to arrive. With Route 2, 15 minute weekday frequency will be retained. However, mid-day frequency will increase to 20 minutes from 30 minutes. Between 9am and 3pm, buses will leave at :00, :20, and :40 past the hour. Also, Route 2 will no longer traverse the Marion Street Transitway in order to improve efficiency. The new routing will take buses directly from the Marion Transit Center to Nebraska Avenue via Cass Street.

Route 12 – 22nd Street: This route will also cease traveling along the Marion Street Transitway, proceeding onto Cass Street and Nebraska Avenue to Palm Avenue instead.

Routes 24X & 25X – Brandon area/MacDill Expresses: Due to increased demand, both routes will see new departure times, both in the morning and afternoon hours, and more buses. Please see this link to get the scoop on the exact times.

Route 36 – Dale Mabry/Himes & Route 85 – South Tampa Weekend Connector: The Route 85 has been eliminated due to low ridership. Patrons using the Route 36 on weekends will be able to take advantage of extended service from MacDill to Britton Plaza. Southbound buses will leave Mission Bell begining at 6:25am, and departing hourly until 6:25pm. Layovers at West Tampa Transfer Center begin at 7:04am and proceed hourly until 7:04pm. Britton Plaza transfers begin at 6:32am until 6:32pm. Confused? Okay, lets simplify things: The first southbound trip to MacDill from Britton Plaza is at 6:32am. The last departure to the base from the plaza is at 6:32pm. That means patrons leaving Mission Bell on the 6:25 or 7:25pm trips will not be able to connect to the base, as these buses will terminate at Britton Plaza. Northbound commuters wishing to leave MacDill may do so from 7:00am until 7:00pm. Northbound buses leave Britton Plaza at approximately 7:20am and continue on the hour until 7:20pm. Layovers at West Tampa Transfer Center will occur from 7:40am approx. until 7:40pm.

Also, for those wanting to connect to the WestShore area from South Tampa on weekends must now transfer from Route 36 to Route 30 at Kennedy Blvd or to Route 45 at the West Tampa Transfer Center.

The long road ahead for TBARTA

This week, TBARTA finally chose an executive director to lead the new agency into the next decade or so. Bob Clifford, currently the planning director for FDOT District 7, which covers the Tampa Bay area (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus counties), was selected for the position after being interim director since the agency’s inception.

The problem is….where’s the money?

TBARTA, to this day, has no funding structure in place. Furthermore, efforts to have TBARTA as a taxing district has failed. So the question remains for the agency, where will the money come from?

See the full article here

Holiday Schedules

During holidays, many transit agencies (with the exception of some larger city transit agencies like NYCMTA for example) scale back service due to lower ridership and to allow many of their employees to take a day off. Below are some of the holiday service hours for several Tampa Bay area transit agencies.


New Year’s Day: No bus service and limited paratransit service, however streetcars run on normal hours.

MLK Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, and December 26: Saturday level bus and paratransit service, streetcars run on normal hours.

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day: All transit services are suspended on these days.


Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day: No bus service.

All other holidays: Sunday level bus service.


No holiday service with either agency, however the Longboat Trolley runs all year round.