HART service change proposals for 2008 – first revision

HART has recently revised its proposals for service adjustments for next year, based on public input.

Because South Tampa services matter the most to me, I will first highlight those changes.

According to the HART website, changes/eliminations to Route 89 are no longer being considered. Why?

  • It’s quite obvious really…the handful of low income patrons who rely on the 89 complained to HART. They complained about the reduction in frequency in 2006 and likely protested that the 89 should not go. So thus, South Tampa is left with another failing bus route.

However, the elimination plan for the Route 85 is still on the books. And I hope the route does get the boot. The 85, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is also failing. In my opinion, it would be better for the Route 36 to run seven days a week from Carrollwood to the base than the current setup.

Next, I move on to SouthShore service plans…wait…no changes…

Okay, Town-n-Country, the Route 88 stays as well…just a minor extension is planned. Also, the route will operate as a one-way loop, (as proposed for this summer).

Finally, fare changes can be viewed here.